Pest Problems in Attics and Around Your Home

Mouse In The House:  Keep Pests Out

Rodents, mice and small animals are all problems you may have to deal with if you are a homeowner.  Learning how to control these pests will bring peace of mind knowing that your home is not being invaded by small critters that can do a great deal of damage in a short amount of time.  Depending on your climate your home could be invaded during the winter months while you are unaware of what is happening in your attic or crawl spaces in your basement.

Many mice and smaller animals can find ways into your home and build nests and home that can destroy parts of your home.  Squirrels eat through wiring which can lead to fire hazards and other types of damage.

mouse in attics

The first line of defense is making sure your home is is free of any little cracks or holes where they may enter.  Keep debris away from your building on the outside where mice can burrow in and build their nests.  Clean up any food that may be left out, small mice can exist on just crumbs.  Even if you are not a cat lover, having one around can go a long way to keeping mice and other small rodents away.

Some repellants that are good for deterring the mice population are:


This plant will repel mice and you can plant this in your garden or have it in small pots around your home.  Spearmint and peppermint oil can be placed inside the home and will do a good job of keeping them away.

Bay Leaves

 This is a another natural deterrent for mice.  You can place the leaves anywhere you have food such as cupboards or pantries, and sprinkle them around baseboards where mice are known to crawl.


  These are also useful, but care needs to be taken where they are placed if you have small children or animals that may ingest them.


Using traps outside the home is a good way to prevent them from entering your home.  Catch them outside before they get in and do damage inside the home.  Mice can get anywhere and are dirty and leave dropping everywhere they go.

Keeping your home clean inside and out will prevent attracting mice and other small rodents into your area.  Using tightly sealed food containers so mice cannot get into your food will prevent them from coming around.  Clean spills immediately so there is nothing around to attract the mice.

Make sure your foundation does not have any cracks. Check around windows and door frames for small areas they can get in.   Mice can squeeze in through tiny areas and holes.  Seal these up with caulking or steal wool.

Inspect your attic for signs of rodents and mice.  These areas make a perfect place for them to hide out during the winter months when Toronto weather drops below zero.  Attics usually have old clothes and papers and junk in general that mice love to nest in.  If you do have issues in the attic, then you might want to consider spray insulation in your attic or walls.  This type of insulation is well known to keep pests and rodents from making a home in your attic.

Generally it is a good idea to inspect your home 1-2 times a year for types of infestation from squirrels, mice, and even raccoons.  It is much easier to prevent an infestation of mice or rodents than it is to try and deal with it once they have built their nests in your home.

Spray Insulation Saves on Your Energy Bill in Toronto

spray insulation

Spray insulation can help if you are you tired of paying high energy bills? Do you have drafts all throughout your house? If so, you might think that it is time to reinsulated your home with good, old fiberglass.

When was the last time you had your home insulated with fiberglass ? If the answer is ìnot too long ago,î you need to know more about the latest type of insulation that goes above and beyond anything fiberglass can provide. Now is the time to get introduced to spray insulation.

This is a special type of foam that is sprayed into a home, garage or workroom. The foam gets into every single nook and crevice covering the entire home with a superior type of insulation.

To get your home this new product call in a spray foam insulation Toronto company. They will use a specially rigged unit from a truck to spray the foam into your walls, attic, garage and anywhere else insulation is needed.

This foam hardens in no time to an impenetrable substance that keeps out drafts, bugs, moisture and it lasts for an indefinite amount of time. You will not need to replace it for the rest of the time you own the home.


For Toronto homeowners, it is also capable of providing a higher R value than other insulation products. Fiberglass has an R value of three while spray insulation has an amazing R value of 7 per installed inch. That means you are going to use much less air conditioning and heat. That also means you are going to save tons of money on your energy bills.

You also get to enjoy having the peace of mind that your insulation is completely safe for the environment. You also will save on repairs to any parts of the home damaged by rain or moisture. This is because this product forms such a complete seal that it keeps moisture out of the house.  There are many benefits of spray foam insulation besides the cost.

You will not have to call for exterminations as regularly as before either. Another great advantage of this insulation is that it keeps bugs from getting into the home.

Finally, you never have to worry about having the spray foam redone. That means that the money you invest in it now will pay for itself in a short time and you never have to get your home reinsulated ever again.

It takes just a few short hours for your professional spray foam insulation contractor in Toronto to do the work. You will notice a difference the moment the job is done. You will not be walking through a drafty home anymore and you will love getting your energy bills every month because they will be so much lower than ever before.

You will be so glad that you got spray foam instead of fiberglass insulation. Call on a spray foam company in Toronto now to get more information on how this product can help your home and your family save money and enjoy greater comfort.

Don’t Struggle With Weight Loss



Are you desperate to lose weight?  When you know how to go about it, weight loss becomes simple. These tips can help guide you along the road to weight loss.

You don’t necessarily need to do exercises when trying to lose weight. Exercise should be man overeatingfun, as that can help increase the level of motivation to be active. Find a non-traditional workout such as dancing, playing catch, riding bikes, or hiking. This way, the exercise doesn’t seem boring or work-like.

Don’t drink your calories. Replace caloric soft drinks and juices with calorie-free drinks. A single serving of regular soda can contain over a hundred calories and many people drink multiple servings per day. Your body doesn’t recognize liquid calories as food, so you still end up eating as much solid food as you would otherwise. Choose water or unsweetened tea to keep your calories and waistline in check.

To avoid temptations and improve weight loss results, you should avoid keeping foods that are outside of your dietary guideline, in your home. By keeping distractions such as sweets or chips out of the house, you can reduce your desire to eat these items. By reducing the desire and in effect, the amount of these types of foods consumed, you will have improved weight loss results.

When baking, try to reduce the amount of unhealthy fats that the recipe calls for. This can make your chosen recipe healthier in the long-run. Watch the amounts of whole fat milk, butter and oils and try to either cut their amounts down or find healthier alternatives.You can always use things like yogurt, healthier butter varieties, etc.

If you want to lose weight, set goals. Setting goals will make you take losing weight seriously, instead of putting it off into the amorphous future. By setting measurable goals that you can keep track of, you are committing to doing the things it takes for you to lose weight.

Getting plenty of sleep each night (at least 8 hours) is highly recommended when trying to lose weight. When you get enough sleep, your brain has an easier time functioning at its best and it can send the “I’m full” signals efficiently. Getting enough sleep will also give you energy during the day so that you can exercise and you won’t be too tired to cook a healthy meal.

Use smaller dishes to serve meals to help you eat less. Try using a salad plate to serve main meals instead of a large dinner plate. This is a great way to control portion sizes and prevent overeating, so you will lose weight quicker. Some studies have shown that people feel more satisfied when they eat the same amount of food served on a small plate as opposed to a large plate.

If you’re having trouble getting rid of those last few pounds that just won’t seem to come off, try boosting your workout intensity. Get your heart rate up to at least 85 percent of your maximum heart rate to get the most out of your workout and drop those stubborn pounds.

Now do you know how to lose weight for good? It is vital to have great tips at your disposal during your program.

10 Secrets To Staying Healthy Including Male Enhancements

One of the most essential things in life is good health. Without it, you would not be able to enjoy everything you have – wealth, material possessions, a great body, and good looks. In fact, all these things could be taken away from you if you suffer from poor health.

But how does a person stay healthy in this modern world? We reveal the secrets to keep you healthy:

Secret #1: Think positive thoughts.

People whose minds are filled with negative thoughts are often irritable and difficult to get along with. But not only do negative thinkers develop a bad personality, they also develop poor health over time. That’s because your thoughts have an impact on your cardiovascular well being, increasing your risk of stroke and heart disease. In addition, a positive attitude encourages healthy eating habits.

Secret #2: Eat less

We’re not suggesting that you starve yourself. Rather, eating less means avoiding binge eating or compulsive eating and instead, focus on having fun and exercising. When you are always sitting in front of your computer or watching TV all day, you are more likely to eat more than what your body really needs and worse, you are apt to choose unhealthy foods like potato chips, ice cream and candies.

Secret #3: Maintain work-life balance

Staying in the office 12 hours a day is only going to lead to health problems later on in your life. Health experts have even found out that working 11 hours a day significantly increases your risk of heart attack. That’s because when you work too hard, your stress levels increase and this leads to the production of a hormone called cortisol which leads to heart problems over time. Spend only 40 hours a day in the office and when you’re at home, forget about work!

Secret #4: Exercise more

By exercising regularly, you can burn more calories and keep to a healthy weight. A lot of health problems are caused by being overweight or obese. This includes type 2 diabetes, stroke, heart disease, and some types of cancer. Besides, when you exercise more, you can have a toned and fit body which will make you look attractive even as you grow older.

Secret #5: Don’t smoke

It’s really a marvel how millions of people around the world don’t quit smoking even though they’re aware of the health implications of this habit. Cigarette smoking is harmful to nearly all organs of the body and in the US, one in 5 deaths is caused by smoking. If you’re a smoker, you really need to quit – now.

Secret #6: Get a good night’s sleep

Your body needs 7 to 8 hours of sleep daily. It’s vital for memory and learning. It also plays a crucial role in your body’s immune function and metabolism. People who lack sleep are often lethargic, sickly, unproductive and generally unhealthy. So when it’s time to go to bed, forget about your worldly concerns. They can always wait until the next day.

Screen shot 2014-10-15 at 1.58.15 PM

Secret #7: Spend time with people you love

Studies have shown that spending time with loved ones and close friends help people stay healthy. That’s probably because being with them improves our mood and this in turn takes away our stress. Spend quality time with those dear to you because not only will it help you maintain your good health but it will also enable you to stay close with those who matter most.

Secret #8: Know what triggers unhealthy behavior

There are things that can really upset us and cause us to make unhealthy choices such as drinking, smoking or over eating. You have to find out your triggers are and avoid them. For example, if watching the Food Channel makes you want to gobble an entire plate of custard cake then it may be best to avoid watching this program.

Secret #9: Make Love

Having sex keeps you healthy and feeling good.  It increases intimacy and a better relationship with your spouse or partner.  Many men feel the size of their penis is small, and some take steps to enlarge their penis through either supplements or surgery.  The fact is the average size is 5 to 7 inches long.  As long as you and your partner are satisfied that is what matters.

Secret #10: Eat at home more often

eat at homeThe problem with eating in restaurants and fast-food joints is that you don’t know every single ingredient they use in preparing your food. You’re also likely to consume a lot of calories even in seemingly harmless food items. But a Double Quarter Pounder with cheese at McDonald’s already contains 750 calories, 43g of fat and 1,280 mg of sodium. When you eat at home, you can choose your ingredients and tracking your calories won’t be so difficult.

If your goal is to stay healthy, these secrets should help you achieve that.